Why Resort Living Should Be the Next Vacation Plan?

The love for vacation comes very naturally to Filipinos as our country is peppered with various destinations, from the foggy plateau of Baguio City to the cooling waters of Boracay beaches. It does not matter how near or how long it is to get there, the love of journey takes people to the more popular to recently discovered spots.

Imagine a day one will not go through the hassle of travel to get to his favorite destination. What if resort living is a step outside where one lives? In another offering by the real estate industry, condominiums have been designed with resort-like amenities, from mountainside to beachfront inspirations.

Why does the allure of a getaway translate to a want of living a vacation every day? Here are some of the reasons why resort living should be the next vacation plan.


It helps one turn to vacation mode as one walks in his doorsteps. A quick break from paper works piling up, urgent meetings, nerve-wracking presentations, and horrible traffic will now be possible when limited by time and distance. One can just take his swim gear out of his closet, step into his unit, and dive into the luxurious pools designed in the amenity areas. Instant leisure straight from home!

Live in personalized paradise. Living in the city means becoming exposed to difference kinds of pollution: air, water, and noise. Condominium developers create exceptional landscape and design of resort-like vertical villages, so future residents can enjoy resort living with fresher air and peaceful environment. They will definitely feel serenity and tranquillity condominiums offer once they step in from the busy streets outside.

Have everything within your reach. Work to home travel and vice versa will not limit future residents’ growth in whatever profession they are in. Instead, they will say good bye to long drives or stressful commutes. Shopping centers, grocery stores, and entertainment facilities are also present within the vicinity.

Where can I avail condominiums for resort living?

Vista Residences, Inc., a condominium arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., offers over 50 projects in various stages of development, with developments in Philippine resort destinations like Baguio City and Boracay. With over four decades of experience in building homes, developing condominium properties and creating masterplanned communities, Vista Land is committed to being the top in the housing sector, creating awareness of its developments and capabilities, as well as bettering homes for the aspiring Filipino. Vista Residences, Inc., in the condominium business for more than 10 years, also offers properties all over Metro Manila and established cities.

For more information on condominiums near universities and Vista Residences, Inc. properties, please contact (02) 661 6518, email inquiry.cassi@gmail.com, or inquire now at www.cassi.com.ph.

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