Reasons Why Investing in a Condominium Near Universities is Your Best Choice

College takes months, or sometimes years, of preparation. A student takes his entrance exams of his dream school a year before college starts. He can only go to college after studying 12 years in elementary and high school.

Reasons why a condominium near universities in Metro Manila is one of the best investment:

1. Saves a lot of travel time

As years go by, traffic in Metro Manila becomes more and more congested – even in major highways and expressways – in addition to the vast number of people using public transportation services. This makes the commute several levels difficult for everyone, draining the energy they could have saved up for their school work and extracurricular activities.

Investing in a condominium near universities will definitely lessen the travel time of students. Parents can worry less knowing their kids are only a few meters away from their school buildings. Plus, their short walk can be their daily dose of exercise! This will be a great opportunity for them to become street-smart and familiarize themselves with their immediate surroundings.

With more time in their hands, students can explore hobbies, hang out with friends after a grueling school day, or even just rest. They arrive to school early, and avoid being late.

2. Learning independence and becoming more mature

Independence cannot be learned from books except from some guidelines students can follow. The best thing these students can learn while living in condominiums near universities is becoming a responsible young adult in preparation to their real-world adulting stage.
Parents might find it hard to let their children go and live by themselves, but this is the chance to help them mature. Living independently can help them budget their baon, manage their schedule, gain and bond with friends, and learn to do household chores like doing their own laundry and cooking their own food.

3. Enjoy amenities conducive to student lifestyle

Real estate developers invest on amenities that the residents can enjoy. Sometimes, these facilities set them apart from the others. Some of these amenities are as follows:
– A library or a common student hall can be their venue as they study or work on a project. They might even find friends or study buddies here!
– Well-equipped gyms can help them live a healthy lifestyle and make use of their free time wisely.
– Swimming pool where they can relieve stress and/or idle time. They can free their minds from the usual school stress when they spend it swimming in the pool area.
– Game rooms are good ways to spend their free time and meet new friends from the building.
– Function rooms are also available for group study, activities and/or events. Residents need not go anywhere to attend them; holding them in the building is safer and nearer. They can even come in their clothes they wear inside the unit and not bother changing.

4. Safe neighborhood

To make the residents feel safe and secure, condominiums near universities are equipped with up-to-date security features like security cameras, fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and the like. They are also manned with 24-hour security guards to keep them secure. Building personnel are also present in case they need help like in moving furniture, repairing appliances, or other services.



5. Increase productivity in less time

With the campus nearby, students can easily attend events held by the school. More school works can also be accomplished, more time to take a break. They also have an easier access to school resources like the library, fields, and laboratories, among others.

6. Improves lifestyle

Most students tend to skip breakfast when they wake up late. However, skipping breakfast negatively affects an individual’s concentration and performance for the whole day. Since they just live next door from campus, students living in condominiums near universities can spare a few minutes to eat breakfast and be energized for the day.
On another note, some properties provide access to their pool and fitness center. Students can work out without leaving the building premises. Working out would be a great way of relieving stress and getting rid of their idle time.

7. Low maintenance

Condominiums near universities need a few furniture and appliances because of the limited space. As a result, cleaning would require less effort. Other condominiums near universities offer ready for occupancy spaces, complete with appliances, cable, and Wi-Fi for the students’ needs and comfort.

8. Can be a source of a stable income

Graduation time will come and it is the turn of the younger ones to go to college. Fortunately, your unit can be leased to another student and you can earn an income while waiting for the kids to go to college. Your monthly down payment from owning a condominium near universities can be paid by the rent of your tenant. During the vacation season is the chance for the owners to do maintenance of the unit so it will be as good as new when the next academic year starts.

Why should I buy a condominium near universities?

Going to college is a start of a person’s new life chapter. This is when most kids learn and prepare for the “real” world. Their home would be one of the greatest factors that can affect their personality and attitude towards life. Investing in it will be one of your best decisions you will make.
Where can I own condominiums near universities?

Vista Residences, Inc., a condominium arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., offers over 50 projects in various stages of development, concentrated in condominiums near universities in Metro Manila. With over four decades of experience in building homes, developing condominium properties and creating masterplanned communities, Vista Land is committed to being the top in the housing sector, creating awareness of its developments and capabilities, as well as bettering homes for the aspiring Filipino. Vista Residences, Inc., in the condominium business for more than 10 years, also offers properties all over Metro Manila and established cities like Cebu, Baguio, Boracay, and Davao.

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